L'lavande Body Butter
L'lavande Body Butter

L'lavande Body Butter

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l' lavande body butter melts to the touch, leaving a healthy glow and a soft note of its scent.

When applying only a small amount is needed as a little goes a long way.

Made with shea butter containing natural antioxidants and fatty acids that help soften skin and combined with jojoba oil, full of amazing antioxidants and nutrients that absorb deep into the skin creating a healthy and natural glow while leaving long-lasting moisture on your skin.

Wondering about the label? we purposely designed it to not have one in order to encourage the use of reusing and continuing its life cycle without the hassle of taking off a label. We encourage you to continue its cycle of life and give it use after you are done with the product because together we can help create a sustainable planet for all.

Available in a 4 oz or a 2 oz convenient for travel.